How to Make a Reservation

To reserve a computer follow these steps:

1) Click "Reserve a Computer" link on desktop or the "Reserve a computer" link on the LPL web site or point a browser to

2) Select preferred branch location.

3) Enter your barcode and PIN and click "log on".

4) Enter the length of the reservation (maximum of 120 minutes per day)

5) Select desired date

6) Select desired time

7) Click on "Reserve a Computer"

8) Make note of details on reminder pad

  • computer name/number
  • scheduled date and time
  • location information and branch

9) Click "OK"

10) Patron can now:

  • view details related to their computer activity
  • cancel a reservation
  • make another reservation by selecting the "Make a reservation" tab (maximum of 1 per day)

11) When finished, select log off and close the browser